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New Song

2009-06-26 06:25:49 by Sichel

A new great song I just finished now will release immediately.
I found some impressive pads and so on...

Just look for it down there. :) hope you like

New Song

2009-06-04 07:43:23 by Sichel

Just released new song I made yesterday.

Main notes I've taken from "My heart will go on", but not the complete song I hope you like it :).

New Songs

2009-05-20 15:57:16 by Sichel

I just work on lets say a few new songs. BUT I think I'm just too lazy to assemble them to songs :). Maybe a few songs follow next weeks, probably. I'm making good with figuring out new cool riffs but all the other stuff... Drum, OK but all crappy automation clips... WHOOOAHH!!... I hate them... Well check my Profile later :).


2009-05-12 13:51:17 by Sichel

Grabbed out an old song, made when I was 13 :).
Well thought I upload cause I think it's a very good one.
Song made with Techno E-Jay 3®...
Song named DY - 7.

Listen to it down there.

New Song

2009-04-27 11:03:37 by Sichel

I just uploaded a new song, it was a lot of work. Approx. 3 hours^^ i worked on it.
Now its finished and I just started a new Project...

Listen to it here or down there